Isn't it illegal to write on currency?
Yes. But the laws are generally unenforced and we consider the stamping of money to be an act of civil disobedience in protest of the much greater wrong of having "In God We Trust" printed on public property.

In more detail, there are two sections of the U.S. Title Code that concern marking on money.

The first is Title 18, Sec. 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations. It states that altering a bill with the "intent to render such [bill] unfit to be reissued" is illegal.

The second is Title 18, Sec. 475. Imitating obligations or securities; advertisements. It states that it is illegal to advertise on money.

We have received a letter from the Treasury Department informing us that using a stamp to mark "Keep Church and Separate -" is illegal. However, we were also informed that they would only pursue the matter with us if we continued to sell stamps. This was also what they did with They do not care if we maintain our web site or advocate civil disobedience.

You can still purchase a stamp off site. See our order section for details.

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