The project's ultimate goal is to remove "In God We Trust" from our money. Stamps won't do it alone, we need your help! The following items are quick and easy methods for you to directly help out in this cause.

#1 Write a letter to your local community newspaper. is a grass roots project and we need to focus our publicity efforts at the grass roots level. Letters sent to local publications with small readerships are far more likely to be published than letters sent to major metropolitan newspapers. The following is a sample letter to the editor:

Dear Editor,

Why does the phrase "in God we trust" appear on our currency? It is unconstitutional, offensive to a variety of individuals, and unnecessarily entangles church and state. As the web site points out, The United States is a country with a secular government and a citizenry consisting of a multitude of different beliefs. The wall of separation between church and state must be upheld. It is time for that phrase to be removed.

Sincerely, John or Jane Doe

[Download a Word template for this letter]

#2 Write to your representative.
In order for American values such as church and state separation to be upheld, our legislative officials need to be made aware of how important the issue is to their constituency. Follow the link below to locate your representatives and send them a letter similar to the one above.

This will get you your House Representative

This will get you your senators (don't forget you have two!)

#3 Help us advertise!
Feel free to copy this image to your web site and link back to us.

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#4 Send us suggestions!

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